Corporate & Community Workshops


Cultural Awareness, closing the GAP | accelerating reconciliation (More than a word)

COLLECTIVE CANVAS | $550 per hour | minimum 3hrs

In this workshop you will learn how to create a meaningful and engaging story using nyungar symbols and techniques, makes a fantastic addition to public event &/or work – Includes a design based around specific theme that is of importance to you if you have a brief, or happy to create one with you, unstretched canvas and all materials needed to complete the artwork.

BASKET WEAVING WORKSHOP | $550 per hour  | minimum of 3hrs 

Maximum of 20 in a group

Come and learn the art of Basket weaving with Coiling technique, in this workshop you will learn how to make a small hand size basket to keep and treasure, comes in a little dilly bag filled with enough wool and raffia to complete the basket and needle for threading.

BUSH GEMS JEWELRY WORKSHOP | $100 per person | minimum 10 people

Learn the art of making your own Bush Gem Jewelry, in this workshop I will teach you how to make your own pair of earrings using local bush gems such as the Quandong nuts, or how to manipulate weaving techniques to create a woven pair of earrings or combine the two together for something completely unique to you.